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Simple, 'down to earth' and personal

‘Keep it simple’ – Why?

The simpler it is, the easier it is for more people to understand. And the easier to understand the easier it is to adopt. And the more adopted, the more job satisfaction and value. Be it in strategy, goals, plans, communication, system, user interface, methodology and templates.

Do not over-complicate tasks and processes. Use well known tools, and as a project manager; be 'down to earth' in your language, be personal, and provide service.

Enhance competence

We want to make you ‘project ready’ – Why?

For our customers, we will do our utmost to share our knowledge and our methodology templates, so that beeing a Tick Off Consulting customer you experience added value. That also gives value to us.

We will make your organization prepared to be self reliant performing analyses and projects based on simple methods and simple techniques to create involvement and ownership.

What is a good manager?

Is your project manager a good manager?

For projects to be successful, project managers must be innovators, strategists, motivators. They must strengthen cooperation, delegate, listen, decide and take responsibility. In other words, they must learn to manage and enjoy it.

The Norwegian word for leadership/management is ledelse. If we split the word in three: le, del and se – it says: laugh, share and see. Keep that in mind! In Tick Off Consulting we put things in perspective, share everything, believe in ourselves and do have fun at work. We can help you create a culture for projects in your organisation!

We want to increase the expertise of our customers based on our own experiences.
-one less thing to worry about!

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