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Project management

Every project is unique and requires an engaged and committed project manager!

A Tick Off Consulting project manager is engaged, structured and have project management expertise A-Z. We can assist fulltime or parttime in all phases of a project. Please, contact us in an early phase of the process to make sure you have a properly start.

Are you alredy running a project facing need for external, independent assistance, we are highly experienced in cleaning up in ‘chaos projects’ so that you as a customer can implement your investment with added value.

Project management coaching

Lift your internal project manager to the next level!

An important project success criteria is having an engaged and committed project manager. It requires a lot of work being a project manager, both in terms of interpersonal skills, but also in terms of beeing structured, ability to make decisions, capability to delegate, keep scope and ensure that all elements are taken into account. It is all about having passion for project management and have the capability to think straight and be in the right mode when needed.

Let us lift your project manager to the next level based on our experience and expertise. You will then be well prepared to take action yourself, when projects arise, on your own and with motivated and even more proficient project managers.

Training, training, training! Practice makes perfect! Let one of our experienced project managers work in team with your project manager or let us share our expertise and knowledge to your team of project managers.

You will be well prepared to:

  • Effectively manage and participate in large and small projects
  • Formulate clearly defined goals
  • Establish a good project team
  • Ensure proper progress
  • Create a methodology and a culture for good project execution


Our consultancy shall create value for our customers!

Our broad experience running projects in various businesses and branches has made us able to build a solid platform as for to assist getting things in perspective and identify essential initiatives and actions for each customer.

We provide strategic consultancy and can operate as a supporting partner for a customer who already sees that steps must be taken, or want assistance to assess whether it is necessary to take action or not.

Lectures / Presentations

We want to share our knowledge!

Please contact us, and together we can schedule internal lectures or presentations for your project manager(s), sales team, management or others, where the topics can be anything from how to think straight and stay engaged when multitasking in a hectic (business) life, to review of methodology that can be used in the life cycle of a project.

We are also happy to contribute on input for kick off, gatherings and management meetings.

We want to increase the expertise of our customers based on our own experiences.
-one less thing to worry about!

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